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Who am I?

Hey. I'm Patrick Stillhart!
I'm 15 Years old and I like to develop Software
and Websites.
I work as an Applications developer at Credit-Suisse.

What do I do?

Well, I do many things.

Web Design

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I really like to make new websites. I write them in HTML(yeah, this isn't a joke!), PHP and CSS.

I currently learn how to write jQuery and JavaScript.

There are many websites I want to develop in the future, for example something like Wordpress - not that big but a CMS.

Software Engineering

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Mostly I write little Java applications and Plug-ins for Minecraft.

Since a short time I also write Android Apps :)

I also write Rainmeter skins, but this is just for fun.

At work I write Pl/i programs.

Latest Work

Rainmeter Rotators

This are my first Skins.
They show the load of the CPU and GPU,
along with heat and frequency

To use them you need Rainmeter(No shit!)
EVGA Precision and CoreTemp





Hey everybody, I wrote an Android App for Convert2mp3.
It basically give you the option to "share" songs from
Youtube, Shazam, SoundCloud etc. to Convert2mp3
and get the mp3 file.

It also can save the files with an album structure.

The App is completely free (no adverisment)
and of course without Virus.

I would love Feedback cause this is my first app.

Hope you like it


Control my home

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